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Where to find a testing session

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Testing sessions are offered at various times and places. Look in the listings below to find a session near you. Some areas offer testing on a regular schedule. In those locations, no appointment is necessary - simply show up at the prescribed location for your exam. Please be on time!

In other areas, tests are given only when there is a need. In those areas, please contact the person or persons named herein for further information.

Please note: The Anchorage ARC VEC offers testing only for persons residing within the State of Alaska. If you live in another state, you will need to find a different VEC organization to assist you. Please try either the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) or the W5YI Group. Both of these organizations offer testing at many locations in the remaining 49 states.


Special notes for those using Google Maps to find locations: 

1. Maps are presented as overhead satellite views. To switch to "road map" view, click on the "map" icon at the lower left corner of the page.   To switch back to overhead  "satellite" view, click the same button again.  The "road map" view is good for finding street names near the location. 

2.  To clear excess graphics, click on the "Explore" button with the double down arrows at the lower right side of the page. 

3. To make either the map or image larger or smaller (zoom in  or out), press the + and - symbols on the right side of the page. 

4. To see "Street view", which will show you the location from street level, click on the "Street view" bar at the top left of the picture.  If the street view bar is not at this location, click on one of the small image thumbnails at the lower right corner, which will also bring up selected "street views" of the location


Exam testing sessions, alphabetically by city:


Where:     Hope Community Resources Office        Get Map
                 540 W International Airport Rd
                 Anchorage, AK

When:      1st Tuesday,  every month,   6:30 PM
                 2nd Saturday, every month,  2:00 PM

Notes:      Enter main building thru rear door.  No exams if date falls directly
                 on a major holiday (some examples:  July 4th,  Christmas day,  Labor Day, Thanksgiving day, January 1)

Contact:   Jim Wiley, KL7CC
Phone:      688-0660

E-mail:  or


Where:       KYUK Radio station      Get Map
                  Radio Street

                  Bethel, AK

When:       Exams for  the Bethel area are scheduled on an as-needed basis.  
                  Contact the person named below for more information

Contact:    Ken Eggleston,  NL7SP
Phone:       543-5698

Notes:       Exam location may change on short notice.  Verify with NL7SP



Where:     Noel Wein Public Library Conference Room    Get Map
                 1215 Cowles St

                 Fairbanks, AK
When:      First Saturday, every month   1:00 PM

Contact:   Mike Perry, AL7F
Phone:      590-7215



Where:      Homer public library   Get Map
                   500 Hazel Avenue
                  Homer, AK 

When:       Exams for  the Homer area are scheduled on an as-needed basis.  
                  Contact the person named below for more information

Contact:     Kris Kerce , AL2F



When:         Exams for  the Juneau area are scheduled on an as-needed basis.  
                    Contact the person named below for more information

Contact:      Jerry Prindle, KL7HFI
Phone:         789-7291

Kenai - Soldotna:

Where:        Kenai Borough EOC (Emergency Operations Center)    Get Map 
                     253 Wilson Lane
                    Soldotna, AK

                    Note: Location subject to last-minute changes.  See contact person info. 

When:         Exams for  the Kenai - Soldotna area are scheduled on an as-needed basis.  
                    Contact the person named below for more information

Contact:       Max Carpenter, WA7B
Phone:          394-2907


Where:      Central Public Safety Building, Fire station 61     Get Map
                   101 W Swanson Ave
                  (corner of Swanson and Lucille streets)
                  Wasilla, AK             

When:       4th Saturday, every month, 7:00 PM,   No exams if the 
                  scheduled date falls directly on a holiday (e.g.: July 4th, January 1st) 

Contact:    Ken Slauson, KL7VE
Phone:       376-8698
Email:     (or)

Notes:       Please call to confirm appointment for exam



Where:     Valdez Consortium Library     Get Map
                  212 Fairbanks Dr.
                  Valdez, AK

When:        Exams for  the Valdez area are scheduled on an as-needed basis.  
                   Contact the person named below for more information

Contact:     Bob Rountree, KL1BS
Phone:        835-3645



What happens if your city is not listed here? 

Don't despair!  

The Anchorage VEC can schedule exams on an as-needed basis for most Alaskan towns.  To find out if an exam session can be scheduled for your town, send us an email or call us at the number below.

By email:   

By telephone:   Jim Wiley, VE manager   1 - (907) - 688 - 0660

Remote Testing

For those locations where there are not enough local hams to make up a conventional volunteer examiner team, we offer a "remote testing" program that lets individuals who live great distances from one of our regular testing locations take their exam over the Internet. This program was just recently approved by the FCC (as of July 2014), in response to a petition filed by the Anchorage VEC in mid July, 2011.   

If this is your situation, contact us at the email or telephone number listed below for additional information.    Please note that it will take several days for us to make the necessary arrangements after we hear from you.

By email:

By telephone:  1 - (907) - 688 - 0660

A few notes about remote testing: 

This service is limited to individuals whose physical and legal address is within the State of Alaska.   Please do not ask us about remote testing for persons living in other states.  

Also, this service is not offered to Alaskan individuals who reside in a location where there are regularly scheduled exams. (see the list of regular exam locations, above)

There are certain technical requirements for remote testing. 
First among these is that there must be access to a high-speed Internet connection that can support full-motion video and concurrent audio.  Most Alaskan towns have this option via the local school or medical clinic.   

For more information about remote testing, click here


If you have questions about Amateur Radio in general, or specific questions about the testing program, you may send an e-mail to us.  
To send us an e-mail,
Click here

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